Dhira Yoga Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Dhira Yoga Center is located at 617 College Highway in Southwick, near the intersection of Routes 10 / 202 and Route 57 in Southwick. We are across from the Grist Mill Plaza Shopping, nestled between King Brothers Home Decorating Center and Tuckers Restaurant. Dhira Yoga serves Southwick, surrounding towns of Westfield, Agawam, Feeding Hills, West Springfield, Russell, Huntington, Chester, Massachusetts and Granby, Suffield, and Simsbury, Connecticut, and beyond.

Dhira Yoga Center has ample parking.  Please enter through our side door, hang up your coat and take off your shoes in the entry area before entering the reception.

What are the times of your classes?

We have classes to accommodate all schedules including morning, lunch time, right after work, later in the evening, and weekend classes. Our classes are designed, with appropriate modifications to be accessible to all.  Beginners are encouraged to start with an Intro to Yoga Series in order to build a strong foundation for the rest of our classes.  If you have any questions about your ability level or see a time that works best for you please do not hesitate to ask about joining, we are here to accommodate you.  Click here for our current schedule.

What are the rates?

Rates vary according to how often you practice, and whether you purchase a single class, a multiple class card or purchase a Dhira Yoga Center Membership. For example, a monthly membership could lower your per class price to $5 or less. Six month memberships are even more economical.  A single class drop in rate is $17.

Dhira Yoga offers a discount to full time students, veterans,  seniors and public school teachers.  Take 10% off, or more, on all of our prices (20% on a Six Month Membership!)  This Special is only available for purchase at Dhira Yoga upon presentation of valid ID.

We also offer “Community” Classes in March, designed for all wallets, and taught by teacher trainees at Dhira: only $5 drop in rate.

Please see our Rates/Specials Page for more info.

What do I need to bring? Is there any etiquette I should know about?

Bring an open heart and mind and comfortable clothes you can stretch in.
Please bring a yoga mat if you have one. If you ever forget a mat or don’t own one, we have a supply of mats available for use at our studio. We have yoga mats for purchase as well.

Please try to arrive to class a few minutes before the start time. If you are new to Dhira Yoga, this is especially important so that you have time to fill out a waiver and get acquainted with the space.

Please enter the yoga studio mindfully, quietly and with respect to other students. If you need to leave class to use the facilities, please do so in the same manner. If you need to leave class early, please inform the teacher in advance and set up your mat close to the door to minimize disruption to the class.

Shoes are not to be worn inside the studio. In the entry area we have a place for shoes and a place to hang your coat. Please turn off cell phones.  Valuables may be brought into the studio with you.

Who is yoga for?

Absolutely Everyone!  Under the age of sixteen needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Although we limit our classes to humans, you will see your pets benefitting from the smiles you bring home from class!

“But I’m not flexible.” “I’m stressed. I can’t relax.” “I’m not strong enough to do that.”

Perfect! These are all great reasons to begin a yoga practice. Yoga increases your flexibility, strength, and, with consistent practice, brings many gifts, including the gift of peace.

What if I have an injury or recently had surgery? Is yoga for me?

Yoga is for everyone.  Many students come to yoga specifically to address injuries, and joint and muscle limitations resulting from surgeries. With appropriate modifications, students can benefit and heal more quickly with the aid of a yoga practice. Make certain to let your teacher know about any issues or concerns you have before class begins. Modifications, including the use of props, will be made for you.  Certain classes on the schedule may work better than others for those with more serious injuries or limitations.  Please email info@DhiraYogaCenter.com or call 413-998-3463 for any further questions you may have about limitations due to injuries.