On Demand Yoga Classes

On Demand Yoga Classes

On Demand Yoga Classes

Now Dhira Yoga practices can be scheduled whenever you want!

The On-Demand Library is included in the cost of Dhira Yoga Unlimited Class Memberships or, after a two-week free trial, can be purchased with a monthly subscription for $29/month, or $290 annually.

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Practice anytime! Practice Anywhere!

Our On-Demand Library features full-length classes, In addition, you will find an ever changing selection of shorter videos (20 minutes, 15 minutes, etcetera) focusing on particular asanas, pranayama, meditation and bits of wisdom from classic yoga texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.

These shorter offerings allow you to practice when you don’t have time for in a full asana class.  Maybe you want to practice just a particular asana, or set of asanas, or you want a shot of yoga wisdom culled from classic yoga texts.  Or maybe you want to practice pranayama or meditation, offerings that fit into your schedule anytime, and anywhere.

User-friendly filtering allows you to search for just what you are looking for. Each offering includes a description of the content. Our library of offerings is ever expanding and evolving.

Maybe you’re interested in an asana practice focusing only on forward bends or you want to repeat a class you attended and loved. Observe your own alignment in the poses you practiced in class.

Our On-Demand Library is ideal for scheduling your practice. Videos in the library will allow you maximum flexibility to practice when you want to. Our On Demand Library will enrich your practice by including offerings focused on particular asanas, or on other aspects of the yoga practice altogether.