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The Dhira Yoga Center is home to a community that comes together to breathe, focus, build strength and cultivate peace. We do this primarily through daily Vinyasa Yoga Classes designed for all levels. Our classes can be taken In Studio, Livestreaming and On Demand. We offer Teacher Trainings twice a year, a Mentorship Program and courses on classic yoga texts. Our practices are ardent and disciplined and our approach is lighthearted and playful. Join a community you’ll never want to leave.


I began my yoga practice at Dhira in 2012. Now living in AZ and am still practicing at this studio. (virtual world is fantastic). Great intro and flow classes. Instructors have a wealth of experience. Philosophy courses are also wonderful for anyone interested in deepening their practice.

Marybeth K.

Some people go to a yoga studio for an experienced teacher. Or a lovely facility. Or friendly fellow students. Or classes that meet their needs. With Dhira you will get all that and more. The options of outdoor yoga or online via Zoom have been great during social distancing. The studio is ready and waiting for us when things change. Don’t hesitate to book your class at Dhira. You won’t be sorry.

Rose G.

Michael’s classes are challenging and fun. He is able to gently push me to find peace in poses I felt at the time impossible. He lit a fire in my heart that first day I took a class that has been burning ever since. I have been to class five days a week for years after that day. I’ve learned that yoga is so much more than stretching. I have met some of my closest and dearest friends in those classes. My aching back has disappeared and I was soon able to do a full wheel with ease. I put my side braid right into my mouth doing a wheel and Michael calls me a “yoga pirate.” Mind, body and soul healing is what these yoga classes do for me. Classes at Dhira leave you feeling connected to your self, your community and the universe. Laughter flows with the vinyasa flows. If you give Dhira a try, you will leave with a huge smile across your face and heart.

Katie B.

Michael at Dhira Yoga Studio has been amazing at helping me to keep things in perspective. I am reminded to take care of myself so I can care for others. Classes are available everyday mornings and evenings help keep one motivated. Virtual classes offered have proven to be helpful during the current world climate. Highly recommend!


Dhira Yoga Center is a welcoming place offering classes for all levels. Michael leads an invigorating class and is able to modify to all levels, whether that means providing a simpler variation of a pose or a more challenging one. He makes a point to see where you are in your practice and tailors the experience to the students in each class. The studio has a calming atmosphere, but I also love having the opportunity to practice outside.

Gina C.

Dhira Yoga Center is a welcoming environment for all! If you’ve never practiced before or if you’re an experienced pro, there’s a class for you. You’re encouraged to take each class at your own pace and everyone in the class is always warm and encouraging, especially Michael. I’m happy that Dhira has been a part of my life for the last 6 years!

Danielle B.

COVID Safety

What we are doing to keep you safe: In Studio enrollment is limited to allow for 14 feet of social distance between yoga mats. In addition, we offer private spaces that can accommodate one or two people (family, partners or cohabitants only) with either a large French window view, or open doorway views, into the Studio. We are committed to keeping our Center a safe.   Read more.

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The Unbearable Lightness of Practice

With enough tapas, one can burn away the knots that tie the heart and rid the chitta of the vrittis, the viparyayas and samskaras that tether us in the dark. That is, in English, with enough earnest consistent practices, one can rid the mind of its turnings, it’s wrong perceptions and it’s emotional and mental patterns or habits.

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