Why Private Yoga Instruction?

  • Now offered in-studio and virtually livestreaming.
  • Trying Yoga for the first time, want more information
  • Prefer a greater level of guidance or more personalized experience 
  • Want to ask questions about yoga practices
  • Prefer individual attention to alignment and breathing
  • Want to learn about philosophy, relaxation or meditation
  • Are curious about deeper levels, would like to expand knowledge base
  • Interested in focusing on a particular pose or group of poses
  • Need to learn how to modify poses for your body or work more skillfully with (non-acute) injury
  • Want to feel more confident in group classes setting
  • Have a busy schedule, just want to set your own class times
  • Established practitioners feeling stuck in their practice and in need of personalized input
  • Need help creating a structure for personal practice

Private one on one, or even small group, sessions are a great way to begin or deepen your practice. Offered Either In Studio or Livestreaming to your home.

Semi-Private and Organized Groups

Semi-private and organized groups can also be set up. Whether you want to practice at your home virtually livestreaming or reserve a time at our yoga center, we are available to meet your needs. Prices vary according to location, and number of students, and prices are available upon request. For more information, call 413-998-3463, or email us.

Workplace Yoga

Bring Yoga to Your Workplace! Offered virtually livestreaming or at your business.

• Increase in mental clarity and focus
• Ability to remain at ease in the midst of challenge
• Flexibility in body and mind
• Physical strength, endurance and well being
• Increase in energy level and productivity
• Fewer doctors visits + insurance claims
• Reduction in stress
• More restful sleep
• Happy employees, joyful community [/content_box]

Yoga designed to Work for You

• Lunchtime or after work classes at your place of business
• Classes are livestreamed into your workplace or visited by a teacher. (45 min./60 min.)
• Classes taught by Dhira Yoga teachers

For prices and to schedule your workplace yoga sessions with a Dhira Yoga teacher, contact us. Click here.

Book Your Private Yoga Session Now

Private hour Session – $100

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Private Yoga Package Savings

Five Private Sessions: $400
($80 per session)