About Dhira Yoga Center Southwick MA

About Us

A Welcoming Friendly Community! We breathe, focus, calm the mind, build strength, cultivate peace, lighten the spirit and have a really fun time too! “Dhira” is a name given to Hanuman in India’s ancient epic poem, the Ramayana. You will see the playful Hanuman, or “Dhira”, leaping around corners of the studio, in our shop and also in our practices (“Hanumanasana” is split pose). The word, or name, “Dhira” is associated with the virtues of being courageous, gentle and learned. These virtues, you might find, are cultivated by a steady, earnest yoga practice.

Dhira Yoga began its journey in New York City, in 2001, with a different name, the “Inwood Peace Yoga Center”. Now reincarnated as the Dhira Yoga Center since 2013, we offer a home to all looking for a lighthearted, playful, yet disciplined, approach to Classical Yoga.

Class Types

“Intro” classes are designed for beginners, or for those who want to slow the flow of their practice. Our “Dhira Flow” classes are designed for those who want more of a challenge in their asana practice and for those with an established practice. Our classes are offered either in Studio (and some Outdoors in warmer months), Livestreaming or On Demand.

Yoga Philosophy Courses

Three eight week courses are offered annually. Study the classic yoga texts — Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in April and May, the Upanishads in September and October, and the Bhagavad Gita in January and February. Deepen your practice by learning the philosophy of yoga.

Teacher Training

Teacher Trainings are offered twice a year, starting in April and again in September. More info here.

Mentorship Program

Dhira offers a one on one Mentorship Program which allows for an opportunity to deepen your practice, your study and/or your teaching skills. The program builds confidence and experience teaching with specific one on one attention and guidance. Read more.

The Dhira Yoga Shop

All your yoga needs can be found in the Dhira Yoga Shop. Check out our creative beautiful tees, tanks, leggings, hoodies and even onesies for brand new yogis! Yoga apparel, yoga accessories, yoga gifts and more. Find the perfect yoga gift for all the yogis in your life. Take a virtual stroll around the shop and Enjoy!

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