Welcome to Dhira! Are you new to yoga?

Get your practice going with one of our beginner-suitable classes. Our “Intro” classes are suitable for those brand new to yoga. Our Candlelight Flow Class too is suitable for beginners. If brand new, it is recommended to start out with these classes which offer a comfortable pace, step-by-step instruction, and a supportive atmosphere. Please let the teacher know if you are working with injuries or specific conditions. If you’re new to yoga but game for a challenging class try our Dhira Flow Classes.

We welcome beginners!

Maybe you have heard how great yoga is, or how yoga makes people healthy, strong, flexible, focused, stress-free and peaceful. But you are not sure how to get started, if you are doing it “right”, or don’t have the foggiest what yoga is all about, then what?

For you, we highly recommend our Intro to Yoga Series. This Series consist of 8 classes and are offered five times a week. The eight classes of the Series may be used at any of the times Intro to Yoga is offered. Intro classes In Studio are also available livestreaming at home.

Get started on your yoga journey.  Begin a series any time Intro to Yoga is offered. Here you will receive a simple, friendly, supportive, nurturing, step-by-step guide to classical yoga. An enjoyable introduction which will well prepare you for Dhira Yoga’s flow classes. There is an excellent chance that you’ll meet a new set of yoga-friends as well!

A fun, safe and nurturing way to begin your yoga journey.

We will guide you through the following:

• brief background on what yoga is, and Dhira Yoga’s style

• basic yoga breathing exercises

• foundation postures and how to adapt them to your needs

• how linked postures work together in our flow classes

• how to modify postures uniquely to your body

and we repeat things a lot so you are sure to learn!

OR, another option for the courageous beginner, dive right into our Flow classes.  Modifications will be offered and props given to assist you.

OR, book a private lesson to get you started.

Special Offers. $99 *Auto-Deduct* Monthly Unlimited

New Client Special


For 30 days of
unlimited classes.

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