Mentorship Program

A one on one mentorship program which allows for an opportunity to deepen your practice, your study of classic yoga texts and your teaching skills. The mentorship program is designed to build confidence and experience teaching in the classroom with tailored one on one attention and guidance.

The program includes:

The Dhira Mentorship program provides yoga practitioners, teacher training graduates, and established teachers a chance for continuing education and experience. It is designed to delve more deeply into specific areas of yoga practice, thus refining your existing skill set, developing your confidence, fostering your growth as a teacher, and resulting in your being better equipped to serve your students. The mentorship program can be taken alone or as part of an advanced teacher training at Dhira.

The Dhira Mentorship program is also open to individuals who are curious about how yoga can be incorporated into their existing (perhaps seemingly unrelated) professions, interests, or studies. One need not be a yoga teacher, or even interested in teaching yoga, to benefit from the focus and support that the Dhira Mentorship program provides.

As a participant in the Mentorship Program, you will work directly with the Director of Dhira Yoga, Michael, on the individualized structuring and curriculum of your mentorship program. Michael offers a wealth of knowledge gained from many years of dedicated practice. Students are encouraged to help to create their own mentorship curriculum to fit their interests, needs, and goals.

Possible curriculum focus includes:

  • sequencing and assisting
  • co-teaching classes, workshops, and retreats
  • studying classical texts of the yoga canon
  • learning how to apply yogic techniques to your academic or professional field
  • learning how to bring yoga practices and ethics into your workplace or business model
  • developing your signature teaching style
  • writing and delivering effective dharma talks that support and illuminate asana as well as other yoga practices
  • Research and reporting on a particular aspect of yoga, (e.g., a specific practice such as pranayama, or a concept such as Brahman, a yoga master such as Krishnamacharya, or text such as the Bhagavad Gita , or . . . , the choices are endless)
  • teaching to all ages and levels of fitness

Requirements will vary

depending on the curriculum focus and the duration of the mentorship.

General requirements will likely include:

  • mentor meetings (10 hours for 40-hour program, 20 hours for 80-hour program)
  • maintaining a daily practice – some combination of asana, pranayama, meditation and study.
  • class observations
  • attend relevant courses or workshops
  • complete 2 book reports

Mentorship Program Fees

40 hours: $1200 (6 month limit for 40 hours)

80 hours: $2400 (1 year limit for 80 hours)

50% off class cards (5, 10, 20), 25% off one month unlimited

for more information or to apply: