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The Unbearable Lightness of Practice

With enough tapas, one can burn away the knots that tie the heart and rid the chitta of the vrittis, the viparyayas and samskaras that tether us in the dark. That is, in English, with enough earnest consistent practices, one can rid the mind of its turnings, it’s wrong perceptions and it’s emotional and mental patterns or habits.

By |November 30, 2020|

“Ulooka” now at how to Practice Wisely in the time of Covid

Here's a look at (“Ulooka” now) some spiritual wisdom, and also today, Monday's, September 21, 2020, Schedule, Keeping safe and Warm, and a Riddle. Also, how you can get a sneak preview on and how to order the new Dhira Yoga Shop’s (Opening Soon!) Pidgeon Pose Sweatshirts (which are available [...]

By |September 21, 2020|

Focus is the key to happiness!

"Dharana", concentration, is one of the eight limbs of classical yoga Practicing yoga is a practice of focus.  Attending to your breath on the yoga mat brings you to the present moment.  Thoughts about laundry piling up and birthday parties to plan disappear.  Relaxation of body and calmness [...]

By |September 26, 2013|

Practicing outdoors

Sun salutations literally salute the sun, Vayu, the God of the Wind, merges with your own prana, or life force Cool breezes caress the cheeks in corpse pose Standing on your head magically unites heaven and earth Your heart reaches towards the infinite You are one with all Free Outdoor [...]

By |June 17, 2013|

Inversions! Yikes! Remember that “Dhira” means courage!

If you are scared to attempt upside down poses you have not done since you were little or feel unsteady when you attempt a headstand, then remember that "Dhira" means courage, and that the Dhira Yoga Center has just the right medicine for you -- an Inversions Workshop: "Change Your [...]

By |April 1, 2013|
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