Here’s a look at (“Ulooka” now) some spiritual wisdom, and also today, Monday’s, September 21, 2020, Schedule, Keeping safe and Warm, and a Riddle. Also, how you can get a sneak preview on and how to order the new Dhira Yoga Shop’s (Opening Soon!) Pidgeon Pose Sweatshirts (which are available now! Pidgeons are birds of peace, you’ll want to wear them near to your heart!

Spiritual Wisdom first of course:
Ulookasana, or wise old Owl Seat, and the owl (“Ulooka”), which in the Bhagavad Gita, is likened to an enlightened sthita prajna (the one who remains unwavering to any situation, whether it be happy or sad). Goddess Lakshmi is also said to be the mistress of spiritual wisdom. By keeping the owl as her vehicle, she teaches us to open our eyes to the light of the wisdom residing within us. This Karunamayi (compassionate One) Mother, hence, symbolically keeps ignorance under her control.

Practice yoga safely sthita prajnas today at Dhira:

Monday 9/21 Dhira Schedule. — Two inside and two outside
(and some spots kinda in between.)

Monday, 9/21/20, Schedule:
9:30 Dhira Flow In Studio and Livestreaming
12:00 Enlightened Lunch Outdoor and Livestreaming
5:30 Dhira Intro Outdoor and Livestreaming
7:00 Dhira Flow In Studio and Livestreaming

Now Ulooka at Ulookasana below

for the creative and “Wise Old Owl” ways, the enlightened ways, Dhira is practicing yoga safely during the pandemic.

How Dhira is taking a wise old owl seat (Ulookasana) by practicing the first and foundational teaching of yoga, Ahimsa, or non-harming:

Many Extra Safety Precautions for practicing In Studio at Dhira.

Whenever the weather is warm enough, Dhira will continue to practice outdoors. Think 55 degrees minimum, comfortable with a sweatshirt or snowy owl feathers.

Practice Snugly with the Kapota you will love. Available Now at the Dhira Yoga Shop (OPening Soon!)

In Studio classes will be limited to six yogis, plus The teacher who will be wearing a mask. I have found that TEACHING yoga is very easy wearing a mask. (My mask is white cotton making me look a bit like a snowy owl. Be prepared for name changes to certain of our bird poses. Hooting may at times accompany our OMing and Bhakasana.

All yogis are required to wear a mask until their mats are placed on marked off spots that provide an abundance of social distancing, approximately fourteen feet.
Whenever a yogi leaves their mat perch, to use the restroom say, they are required to use their mask. Dhira Yoga masks are available as well in our Dhira Yoga Shop. Hoo Hoo!

How many wise old owls does it take to practice safely in a yoga studio during a pandemic? Remember this Riddle!

Let’s figure out the answer together:
Adjacent to Dhira’s studio space are three separate rooms with open doorway views into the Studio.

One private, single occupancy room is where we used to put our shoes. This has been furnished with a comfortable new rug to place your mat on and provides a perch for a 7th wise yogi.

The second adjacent private single occupancy room to the studio, again with an open door view into the studio, is off the hallway leading to What used to be Dhira’s reception room an is now soon going to be the new Dhira Yoga Shop. That private room takes us to 8 total indoor perches.

The third room adjacent to the studio with an open door view into the studio is a private room reserved for families or partners to practice together in. This used to be Dhira’s large massage room in that same hallway leading to Dhira’s coming soon shop, for those familiar with Dhira’s layout, and can be used for up to three members of the same family unit. That room takes Dhira’s extra safe number of yogis practicing to 9, or 10 or 11 yogis, depending on how (Hoo!) many wise old one family yogis, or lovebirds, are nesting comfortably in this “family” or “lovebird” room.

For those snowy owl yogis who want even more social distancing, two more spots are available on our front
perch, porch. If your feathers are not fully molted, a sweatshirt is recommended. Dhira yoga Kapotasana (pidgeon pose) sweatshirts are now available in our new online version of our shop which will be opening soon. Email for a preview of our new sweatshirts available now.

These two available Porch Perch Spots are separated by Dhira’s front windows and our open front door which is screened (not schreeched). Studio will be hot still with a little tapas (and a few ticks up on the thermostat)
Taking bets that there will be snowy old owl yogis wisely practicing on our porch in January. Can’t wait to see it. Ulooka see who wins!

Remember the Riddle?
How many wise old owls does it take to practice safely in a yoga studio during a pandemic?

Ulooka now: the answer to our riddle!   A wisely Ulooka-determined, safe potential total of anywhere from 11, or 12 or 13 wise old owls can practice safely in a yoga studio!  Quite a wise and caring Congress of Owls I must hoo, too!
Come and Ulooka see for yourself. Or you Livestream the Ulookas and join the Congress from your own perch. Hoo! Hoo!